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Forza1 Beach Volleyball Club


Forza1 Beach Volleyball Club is newly designed to offer players both indoor and outdoor opportunities to train and compete. Great local conditions and knowledgeable coaches will create the perfect  atmosphere to train and grow as a player. Forza1 Beach Volleyball Club will consistent of players both male and female from ages 9-18 and will range in level and experience.

Forza1 Beach Training - Spring & Summer 2019

All registration links below details. If you need help registering, call our office. 

Spring Beach Training Camp I
Dates: April 22 - June 14 (8 week session) 
Training: 1 training session/week 
Level: open to all 
Day: Wednesday
Time: 4-5:30pm 
Coach: Netty Campbell 
Cost: $250 (all inclusive, $50 savings) or $25/1.5 hour session 
Recommendation: sign up with a partner 

Spring Beach Training Camp II
Dates: April 22-June 14  (8 week session)
Training: 2 training sessions/week
Level: Elite-Advanced 
Days: Monday & Thursday 
Times: 4-5:30pm 
Coaches: Nikki Dohermann & Nicole Holbrook
Cost: $500 (all inclusive, $100 savings) or $25/1.5 hour session 
Recommendation: sign up with a partner

Summer Beach Training Camps
June Beach Training Camp
Training: 2 week training camp, 3 sessions per week, 6 total
Dates: June 10-21 
Days: M/W/TH
8-9:30am, 15+
9:30-11am, 14U
Coaches: Nikki & Nicole
Cost: $200
Recommendation: sign up with a partner 

July Beach Training Camp
Training:  4 week training camp, 2 sessions per week, 8 total 
Dates: July 8 - August 2
Days: T/TH
8-9:30am, 15+
9:30-11am, 14U
Coaches: Nikki, Nicole and Netty
Cost: $300 (all inclusive is the only option, pro-rate for up to missing 1 week only and we MUST be told before registration) 
Recommendation: sign up with a partner 

August Beach Training Camp
Dates: August 6-8, 3 day camp 
8-9:30am, 15+
9:30-11am, 14U
Coaches: Nikki & Nicole
Cost: $100


Contact Christina Pulver

How do Tournaments Work?

Beach is different than indoor because the individuals are the team. This means they need their own membership and pay their own entry/registration fees. Visit the links below registration to see the different leagues you can play in locally. We recommend CBVA.

Beach players are responsible for coaching themselves during games and no outside coaching is allowed during play.  Players can talk to coaches during time outs but the process is much different than indoor. 

Want Tournament Coaching? 

Forza1 Training coaches are available for tournaments by reservation only (schedule permitting). For a beach coach to attend a tournament it is $40/player and it must be paid in advance.

These dates are the best options to reserve a Coach for your team. Please note, the coaches may be coaching more than 1 team at any given tournament. 

How do Tournaments Work?

Ocean Beach, San Diego, CA
May 5 & May 19
June 2 & June 16
July 7 & July 21
To check a coaches availability talk to them or email 

Training Details

Beach Training Address: 
Thunstrom's House
 42717 Hawthorn St, Murrieta 

What to Wear: Forza1 shirt and spandex/shorts. 

What to Bring: SWEATS for cold, water and beach ball (if you have one - not required - if you bring one put your name on it)

register here

Beach Tournaments

Forza1 Players can register for and play in any tournament of their choice. For more information on the various local tournament options, search the links below! 

VolleyOC Beach Series

CBVA Youth Series (most attended)

Endless Summer Volleyball Tour

USAV Junior Beach Tour 

Registration & Level of Play

Open or AAA: Semi Professional
AA: Experienced and competitive level (3+ years, typically 18+ age)
A: Advanced Skills (2+ years, some youth aged players)
B: Intermediate
Unrated: New to the beach game
Youth: in general youth sign up by age division, not level

Why play beach? Beach (in the sand) is the same game but played very differently. The environmental factors and number of players alone challenges players to adapt and adjust their game to find success. On the sand, players get more frequent touches and have to become capable in all their skills to be effective. This makes it both fun and challenging! 

On the competitive side, players are forced to take more responsibility, be more accountable in their play and ultimately perform under more frequent pressure. This builds the champion in the player, and teaches mental and physical toughness.