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Landi Koja

Meet Landi

Landi brings with him a lifetime of volleyball knowledge and the exceptional skill of training players to a high level. Landi visited Forza1 in early 2015 and got to work with many of our coaches and players and made an immediate impact even in his short time.

In 2019 Landi led the 15UA team to a silver medal at Nationals in Indianapolis and coached the 17UA team to a silver medal at USA with the help of Dana Burkholder.  2018  Landi led the the 14UA team to a 5th place finish in SCVA. His team qualified for USA Nationals in Open and took 13 place! In 2017 Landi led the 17UA team to 7th place in SCVA, 6th place at Triple Crown and 5th place at JVA Long Beach. Landi was also the assistant on our 13UA team that finished 10th in SCVA. In 2016 Land was the Head Coach of the 16-1s where he made a immediate impact, the team finished 7th in SCVA and never dropped out of Division 1. The team qualified for the Junior Nationals where they finish 3rd in the National division.

As club volleyball becomes more competitive, and the need for high-level skills rises, we are lucky to have a coach of Landi's caliber join our staff and share his knowledge with our young and developing players. Landi will not only head coach teams but he will also direct training at every level of the club and help train our coaching staff.

Playing Background

Landi was born in Tirana, Albania in 1963. He is the son of the most legendary coach of Albania, Vangjel Koja. Vangjel has won the Albanian Professional league Championships 23 times and in January of 2015 he was named the "most Legendary Coach in the history of Albania." He was given this award for his success as a coach, but also for the huge impact he had on volleyball from youth to the professional level throughout Albania.

For Landi, growing up with a talented Volleyball Coach for a Dad meant that he played and learned volleyball at a high level from a very young age. He began playing on teams in Elementary school but quickly rose to the top. At 16 he began playing professional on the youth Club Dinamo team and he won his first Championship.

Following this season he was brought up to the Adult Dinamo Professional team, and during his career, his team won 3 Championships. Throughout his time as a professional player he was also a member of the Albanian National team.

Coaching Background

Following his playing career, Landi moved to Italy in 1990 and started coaching professionally. For the last 25 years he has coached for Italian Professional Clubs and has been in charge of training for all ages from youth to professional.

Volleyball is organized differently outside of the United States, and in Europe, and Italy, the Professional teams have teams from 8U all the way through professional. Italy is known around the world as one of the best volleyball training countries in the world and their professional league, both men's and women's is also one of the best in the world. Their league is called Seria (series) A1, A2, B1 and B2.

As a Professional Coach, Landi has won 2 Championships in B1 and in 2014 his team won the prestigious Italian Cup. This allows a team to move up to the higher division and this is a huge award for clubs. In 2015, Landi went back to the youth level and directed training for Club TrentinoVolley and coached a 16U and 18U top team.

Prior to that, Landi won 2 Championships in A2 and in the 2010-2011 season his team won the League Title with a 24-0 match record on the season.

Over the last 25 years, Landi has also coached alongside his father with the Albanian National Team. In both Italy and Albania coaches have to get a college degree to be a coach and there are levels of certification. Landi holds the highest degree possible for coaching, as well as a Physical Education Teaching degree.

Landi has spent the majority of his life learning, playing and coaching volleyball. His 2 sons play volleyball and he simply loves the sport. He wants to coach, coach and coach some more and we are very lucky to have him joining us in our love of the game, our training and in our desire to be great!